Secret Santa – Yay or Nay?

by Marisa Flores

It’s holiday season, and that means that people will be breaking out all of their holiday traditions. One of the most popular holiday traditions is Secret Santa.

For those of you who don’t know, Secret Santa is “A system whereby each member of a group chooses at random another member of the group for whom to buy a Christmas present at an agreed cost, so that each member buys one present and receives one present.” [1]

Secret Santa is a great activity for parties, families, friends, and everything in between during the holiday season, and it’s enjoyable for people of all ages.

People all over the world take part in this holiday celebration,  including some of our very own WHS students.

“Although it can sometimes become expensive, Secret Santa is a fun way to spread holiday joy with others,” said freshman Olivia Kramer. Sophomore Luke Keith added, “Secret Santa is an idea with good intentions, but is typically flawed. As the gift you recieve could be from a stranger who knows nothing about you or what you like. But what matters most is the thought they put into it.”

“I guess Secret Santa is kind of cool, because the group of people you hang out with probably knows you well. That means they could get you something that you like, but the fun part is not knowing who has your name,” added sophomore Brett Buschman.

Sophomore Xavian Gordon said, “I think Secret Santa is a really creative way to give gifts for Christmas with friends. It’s also really fun buying what you think someone will like, and guessing what someone got for you.”

Whether you’re giving or receiving presents, gifts are definitely a perk of the holidays. Being able to spend time with your family and be creative with it it is something that everyone enjoys. So maybe this year Secret Santa can be one of your new holiday traditions. Happy Holidays!