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Seether Brings Grunge and Energy to Silver Spring

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by Sanders Jett-Folk

This past Sunday, December the 3rd, South African post-grunge band Seether, joined by The Dead Deads and Shaman’s Harvest, rocked The Fillmore in Silver Spring with an energetic set of many of their chart-topping hits.

The band is currently touring in support of their new album, Poison The Parish, which was released earlier this year on May 12th and hit #14 on the US Billboard 200 chart. [1] It is the band’s seventh studio album, or their eighth if you count their 2000 album Fragile, which was released when the brand new band was called Saron Gas.

The doors opened at 7pm, with the long line that wrapped around the block promptly pouring into the small building. Everyone either flocked to the bars, the merch stands, or into the crowd so they could be as close to the stage as possible.

Right at 8pm, the first band of the night, a female-fronted, punk rock group called The Dead Deads, rolled onto stage and blasted out many fiery songs of their own, making it clear that the small but growing Nashville-based band were there to make a name for themselves. Some highlight songs of their set include “Ghosts” and “Blackout.” After the show, the band met audience members at their merch stand, signing CDs and taking pictures with both new fans and their already existing, dedicated fan base called The Dead Corps.

Up next was Shaman’s Harvest, a Missouri-based country metal band that has slowly worked their way up over the past 20 years to having #1 rock hits. The audience was growing even more energetic as the group lit up the stage with songs such as “In Chains” and “The Come Up.” They even played their own rendition of Michael Jackson’s 1987 hit “Dirty Diana.”

Right at 10pm, the lights went out as loud, Nirvana-influenced guitar effects blasted from the speakers and filled the room. After a minute or so of what sounded like feedback, the band took their positions, with singer Shaun Morgan choosing to stand at the left side of the stage, instead of at the center, like vocalists usually do in concert. From there, the band shot right into “Gasoline,” the first song from their 2002 debut album Disclaimer as the crowd erupted with energy and passion.

Soon after came a song from the new album, “Stoke The Fire.” Despite it being such a new track, almost everyone knew the lyrics well enough to shout them back at the band. Later in the show came other favorites, such as the southern influenced “Country Song” and the mellow “Fine Again.” Not long after, the band performed “Broken,” focusing mainly on Morgan’s vocals and touring member Clint Lowery’s guitar work. The song is the most successful single the band has ever released. Everyone in the room sang with Morgan as the sang the chorus lines “Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome/And I don’t feel right when you’ve gone away/You’ve gone away/You don’t feel me here anymore.”

Right from there, the band went into “Betray And Degrade,” a successful single from the new album. At the merch stand, one lucky fan could buy the autographed guitar neck used in the song’s music video for the low price of $200. Up next was “Fake It,” one of the band’s fan favorite songs. Everyone shouted back the lines “Fake it if you’re out of direction/Fake it if you don’t belong here.”

The band ended strong with another new single, “Let You Down,” and the successful fan favorite song “Remedy” from the band’s 2005 album Karma And Effect. To end the show, both Morgan and the entire audience yelled the chorus back at the band with such energy, shouting the lines “Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail/And so we go back to the remedy/Clip the wings that get you high, just leave them where they lie/And tell yourself, ‘You’ll be the death of me.’”

The show ended after “Remedy,” with no encore. After getting their fill of shirts and CDs from the three bands, everyone poured out onto the Silver Spring streets to head home for the night.

Audience member Melissa Jackson said, “I came for Seether, but the other bands were amazing too! It was so cool meeting The Dead Deads; they’re really chill people. And Seether played all of my favorite songs. ‘Remedy’ had to be my favorite.”

Audience member Sean Davis said, “It was a great show, I’ve waited years for this. It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. [I] picked up a shirt from them too, I’m gonna wear this a lot. I also [sort of] share my first name with the singer, so that’s cool.”

Audience member Alexis Roberts said, “It was so great. I caught a guitar pick from Dale, so that’s really cool. I’m just stunned, it was amazing! I already [want to] see them again.”

Seether left a lasting impression on Sunday night, as their music has ever since they hit the music scene. They will be finishing the Poison The Parish Tour at the end of December. [2]


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