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Social Studies Teacher Jason Lepeonka’s House a Festival of Holiday Lights

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by Addie Robert

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the many things that makes it so wonderful is the lights. Jason Lepeonka, a Social Studies teacher at Walkersville High School is known for his amazing holiday lights display at his house during the holidays. His house has been featured in the Frederick News Post.

“It started off because the kids wanted the house decorated for Christmas and then it turned into what it is today, today it includes about 12,000 lights, ten blow molds, and 240 candy canes,” said Lepeonka.

WHS Lions Pride: Do you like the attention you get?

Lepeonka: “I don’t do it for attention, I like when the neighbors come by and say how much they like the lights, I have three families that come by and take their holiday Christmas card [picture] here.”
WHSLP: How long does it take to set it all up?

Lepeonka: “We start the day [decorating] after Halloween and we turn them on on Thanksgiving night when all the families are over so [it takes] 22 days; we turn them all on with one remote control.”
Business teacher Regina Stelma commented, “It looks like Clark Griswold’s house in Christmas Vacation and cousin Eddie is on his way in his RV.”  

Senior Felicity Borge said, “I really enjoy Christmas time, especially because it is such a bright and cheery season. I always go looking at houses on Christmas Eve with my family but I had never seen so many lights on a house before I saw Mr. Lep’s house.”

It is very clear that Lepeonka has a display that can not be topped. If you get a chance to ask him about it or drive past his elaborate decor, you should, as this only happens once a year and can certainly put you in the Christmas spirit.