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Star Wars – Here Is All You Need to Know to Get Ready to Watch the New Movie

by Noah Lind

The end of the year fast approaches, and with it comes yet another addition to the ever expanding Star Wars universe, The Last Jedi.  Now before you head to the theater to watch the newest installment, you should have a bit of background knowledge about the story of Star Wars. If you know all about it you might as well stop reading right now, if not continue on.

Star Wars is basically the story of the Skywalkers (a family within the Star Wars universe). The family began many years before the newest film and were depicted in Star Wars Episode 1 in 1999, 22 years after the original movie A New Hope was released.

In Episode 1 we follow the story of Anakin Skywalker a young child on a desert planet who is given the opportunity to become a Jedi by two other Jedi who happened to be marooned on this planet. They repair their ship and bring young Anakin to the home of the Jedi on the planet Coruscant. After being turned down by the masters Anakin accompanies the two Jedi to Naboo, the planet they escaped from before finding Anakin, and one of the two Jedi is killed by a Sith (Evil force user) but the other Jedi manages to defeat the Sith. After that Anakin is trained by the remaining Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Anakin is basically raised and trained by Kenobi until he is ready to become a Jedi. During that time he falls in love with the former queen of Naboo, loses his arm, loses his mother, and gets married. He eventually is befriended by the chancellor (the man in charge of the senate and the army) and the chancellor twists and plays with Anakin’s weaknesses and ultimately convinces Anakin to become a Sith. Anakin kills a majority of the Jedi and nearly kills his wife but is defeated by Kenobi. His wife gives birth to two children and dies immediately after.

After the events of the prequels comes the original trilogy. In the original trilogy you follow the story of Luke Skywalker, Anakin’s son. He meets Obi-Wan on the same planet Anakin was found and Obi-Wan decides to train him to be a Jedi like his father. Obi Wan is eventually killed by Darth Vader, the name Anakin took up after being defeated by Obi-Wan and turned cyborg years before. Luke then destroys Vader’s base of operations and joins the rebellion (those who were fighting the chancellors and Vader’s rule).

Luke then travels and meets with the former master of the Jedi, Yoda who was surviving alone on a swampy planet. He trains with Yoda but leaves to save his friends of whom he has a vision of them in trouble. He travels to the location of his friends but is ambushed by Vader. Vader chops off Luke’s hand and reveals that he is Luke’s father. Luke escapes and his friends manage to save him.

In the final movie of the original trilogy, Luke faces off with Vader and the chancellor in the very last fight. He manages to chop off his father’s hand but the chancellor, now the emperor, steps in and electrocutes Luke. Vader watches with fear and decides to save his son. He picks up the emperor and throws him down a shaft but is electrocuted in the process destroying his cybernetic suit that is keeping him alive. Vader dies and luke escapes the space station where the confrontation went down.

In the most recent of the films we pick up the story following the story of Rey, a scavenger. She meets up with Luke’s old friends and a deserting soldier and fights the new order which is basically just a new empire, alongside the resistance all while trying to find Luke who has disappeared. In the end she fights one of Luke’s friends child, shortly after the son killed his father. She manages to defeat him and escapes. When she gets back to the base where the resistance is stationed, she discovers the last piece of the map to find Luke and she travels there to find him. The final scene is Rey holding out Anakin’s old lightsaber to Luke and then it ended.

So there you go, that is everything that has happened so far in the Star Wars saga.

“I’m so excited to see it because it’s me and my brothers favorite movies,” said junior Brianna Francis.

“I’m pretty hype for it,” said junior Luke Gaffigan.

Junior Ben Smith commented, “I’ll probably like it regardless, [but] I just hope it’s as good as the last one!”