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Strange NFL Season Has Winning Teams Who Are Used to Being Losing Teams

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The Rams, who haven’t had eight wins since 2006, are currently leading their division of the NFC West. What a strange time in NFL history this is.

There are currently eleven teams in the hunt right now, and twelve are currently on their  way to going to the playoffs. Of course, these positions can change in the upcoming weeks but many teams like the Eagles, Steelers, Patriots and Vikings are highly unlikely to give up their spots.

That is, unless more miracles like the Patriots upset loss to the Dolphins happen. This year has been full of surprises from teams who most fans haven’t seen have a successful season since the early 2000’s.

The Jaguars, who haven’t even made it to the playoffs since 2007 have beaten the two time Super Bowl contender Seahawks. The Jags are also likely to win against the rest of their games against the Texans, Titans and 49ers and make it to the playoffs with a 12-4-0 record.

That’s a terrific win loss record from a team that’s never even made it to a Superbowl before.  

“It’s exciting,” said sophomore Ben Hartman, “I didn’t expect the Eagles to be this good. I didn’t expect the Rams to be this good. The Jags Defense is crazy good. They get so many sacks in games it’s ridiculous. I’ve also noticed the Raiders and Broncos aren’t doing too good. I expected the Steelers and Patriots to be this good. Their matchup this week should be exciting.”

The Eagles who have gone with 11 wins and two losses this year recently lost their quarter back, Carson Wentz, to an ACL injury. This leaves the teams Super Bowl bid in question.

Junior Damisi Arowosegee said this about the tragedy, “They are completely and utterly screwed unless their backup is good. They might make it far, but that sucks.”

Luckily for the Eagles, both of their backup quarterbacks Nick Foles and Nathan Sudfeld are alright in the position. Nick Foles, so long as the offensive line can defend him, should be good enough to keep the Eagles floating to the Superbowl .   

Another issue being brought up amidst more players being suspended from games is the current state of the NFL. Many, like senior Derek Poore believe “the NFL is more soft now.” Many things that were legal before have now become illegal and many games seem plagued by flags.

The most controversial of these rules is probably the new late hit and roughing the passer flags that seem to be thrown more often than ever before. The biggest gripe most NFL hosts and commentators seem to have with the rule is its lack of consistency.

Sometimes players will get the flag, and sometimes they won’t, and if they get the flag there’s no telling what sort of fine or punishment will come with it.

It’s sad to see the inconsistencies impact on some of the players reputation. Often times these calls can be the effect of referees being unable to see the play from a birds eye view, and what should have been a good play ends up being a dirty hit or otherwise.

These flags and penalties end up on player records and it’s important the NFL addresses this issue in the next season.

But despite all this uproar surrounding the current NFL season, it seems the Browns will always struggle to put a win on their record each year. At least something remains constant in the NFL.