The Famous Phrase “Is Water Wet?” Hits Walkersville High

by Elizabeth Chavez

Walkersville students and staff are asking each other, Is water wet? Many of our students are questioning it. Asking the question “Is water wet?” is the newest trend among teenagers.

In scientific form water is water, it doesn’t behave as a liquid until after there are more than six molecules. [1] So, by the definition of wet, which is the condition of being covered or soaked in liquid, then water isn’t wet. It just makes other things wet.

Senior Blake Winters started off by saying, “No, because in order for it to be wet it has to have connection with water.”

Principal Tracey Kibler added to Winter, “No. Water is matter, it’s made out of molecules. So therefore by itself it’s natural, water makes you wet.

Junior Chianne Downing said, “I say no, but everyone else says yes.”

Sophomore Jackie Montano says, “No it’s not because I asked my science teacher, and she said it’s not wet.”

Junior Megan Doster says. “No because the internet says it.”

Sophomore Megan Sham said,“Yes, because when you touch water you get wet.”
Junior Hunter Dilly added, “No. It’s it own thing it can only be wet if it’s touched by water.”

Freshman Karly Rutherford said,“No because when water touches things it gets wet but water itself is not.”

Sophomore Tamiya Philip said, “No it’s not because it’s matter and by itself is not wet.”

Senior Marley Angel concluded, “No it’s not because I search[ed] it up and it said it’s not.”

No one really knows if water is wet. Many say it’s not and other say it is. For those who say water is not wet, water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen. For example, when jumping into a pool, you do not feel wet until you come above the surface and come in contact with air. Therefore, one could make the argument that water is not wet.

Water is wet in the sense of being liquid which flows easily because it’s viscosity is low.

How do we solve this mystery? Well, put simply we can’t. There is no evidence saying if water is wet or if water is not.

Everyone has their own opinion on it. Is water wet? It’s up to you to decide.



[1] https://www.theguardian.com/notesandqueries/query/0,5753,-1725,00.html