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The Holiday Season Has Many Favorite Films

by Andrew Mori

Christmas is right around the corner and one of the best things about it are the films. Everyone has a different favorite but everyone loves the movies even if they don’t celebrate Christmas.

Sophomore James Clegg said, “The best Christmas movie is The Polar Express because it’s like real life.”

Junior Avonne Wade said, “The Grinch because its super funny and has a great storyline where the Grinch starts off bad and ends up a good guy.”

Freshman Jaziah Thompson said, “The Santa Clause is the best movie but the whole series is my favorite. It is super funny and has a great storyline.”

“I love Elf. It’s the best Christmas movie ever. I wait the whole year to watch it. It’s so funny and has a great storyline. The best scene is when he goes into the bathroom when she’s showering and starts singing with Jovie,” said senior Rian Wright.

Junior Christina Corchado said, “The Polar Express [is my favorite] because it has such a great storyline. It’s more of a relatable movie and it’s more of a realistic story.”

With Christmas quickly approaching, watch as many films as you can. I personally think the best Christmas movie is Elf because it’s a classic. Buddy doesn’t belong in the typical North Pole. He then goes to New York City to find his real father, Walter. After having a hard time adjusting to the human lifestyle, he runs away. He later finds Santa and saves Christmas by spreading Christmas cheer.

Enjoy your favorite films and Happy Holidays!