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Unified Bocce Team Psyched Up for the Season and Dreaming of a State Title

by Valerie Coleman

Along with other winter sports, Unified Bocce is quickly approaching and the athletes are starting to prepare and practice for the upcoming season.

“I am very excited to get this season rolling (pun intended). I look forward to coaching familiar and new faces. My goals this year are simple, one, have fun, two, conduct ourselves with superior sportsmanship, and three, bring home another state title,” commented Coach Charles Hunter.

“I’m really excited for the upcoming season because we all get new partners. I am looking forward to starting fresh for my last year since my partner and I did not make it as far as we wanted, like our other teammates. I hope we all get the opportunity to make it to states this year,” added senior Keren Ott.

Senior McKenzie Nugent said, “I am sad I cannot make it to the first practice because I am ready to start the fun season. Although this is my first year playing bocce, I am hoping to advance to states and bring home another title for the program. I am psyched to start my first year of bocce and cannot wait to experience all the fun that lies ahead.”

“I am super excited for this season. I am even more excited to see all my friends and teammates again at practices and meets. I hope we win states again this year,” said senior Katie Summers.

Senior Jamie Roderick added, “I like playing bocce and am excited to start the season and get my new partner.”

“I’m really excited for this new bocce season! A lot of people who have not played before are playing so it will be a good chance to meet new people. The team’s chance to win another state title is pretty good. However, all that matters to me is having a lot of fun and making new friends,” commented senior Cameron Maxey.

With the start of the new bocce season, the athletes are prepared to put in the work and effort to advance far into the season and win another state title. Best of luck to all the players!