What Is the Weirdest Present You Have Ever Received?

by Rebecca Raub

Finding a perfect gift for the holiday season can be super tricky, especially if you are on  a budget or don’t know the person too well. Sometimes, however, these gifts can be just be downright weird, from well-meaning gifts that missed the mark to gag gifts purposely intended to confuse.

What is the weirdest Christmas present you have ever received? Students and staff members of Walkersville High shared stories of theirs.

Senior Jordan Gress said her strangest present was “A paper towel. My grandpa bought it off an infomercial he saw on TV.”

Senior Bryce Miller shared, “One year, my grandma bought me a battery powered eraser from Walmart.”

Senior Sofia Bowers added, “My grandma made me an apron one year, which is weird because I don’t even like cooking.”

Sophomore Destiny Simms laughed and said, “This is actually the worst present I’ve ever given to someone. One time I gave my friend earrings and her ears weren’t pierced.”

Sophomore Ryan Barndollar said, “The weirdest present I’ve ever received was a mirror.”

Junior Lea Wells said, “One year, my parents took all of the clothes that I never wore out of my closet and wrapped them and ‘gave’ them to me. I had to pretend like I didn’t know.”

Senior Avery Long shared, “One time when I was a freshman, my great-uncle got me a huge book of every animal and insect that exists and their comparison in size to humans.”

For me personally, I remember getting a Tinkerbell coloring book with stickers from my great-grandma when I was a sophomore in high school, which was also what all of her female grandchildren received, the youngest being a year old.

Even though it is fun to laugh at Christmas presents you’ve received that don’t make sense, remember most of the time family members and friends mean well, especially elderly ones. We should always be thankful that they took the time to buy us a present in the first place.