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What Is Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

by Valerie Coleman

With the holiday season coming up, everyone is preparing for and getting excited for Christmas.

Senior Jenna Molnar said, “My favorite thing about the holiday season is the gift of giving. I give presents to my boyfriend, friends, and family. I love the look on their faces when they see the things I bought for them.”

Senior Paige Shortt said, “My favorite thing about the holiday season is spending time with my loved ones and seeing the snow falling outside.”

“My favorite thing about this time of the year is the snow. I have always wanted a white Christmas,” added junior Leah Wells.

Freshman Shelby Ott said, “My favorite thing about Christmas is opening my presents in the morning with my family.”

Sophomore Owen Welty said, “My absolute favorite thing to do during the holiday season is spend time with my family because they mean so much to me.”

“I enjoy spending the holidays with my family and having the days off to spend that time with them,” added Regina Stelma.

Sophomore John Weinrich said, “I enjoy watching Christmas movies with Owen. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf or The Polar Express.”

Senior Jacob Reese said, “I am red and green colorblind, but I still enjoy looking at all the decorations and Christmas lights.”

“My favorite tradition is eating brunch at my grandmother’s house on Christmas morning. I love getting to see all my family, especially the ones I do not get to see all the time,” added senior Hunter Cleaver.

Senior Keren Ott said, “I love the smell of baked goods traveling through my house. Every year I bake all different kinds of cookies and bring them to my friends and family.”

“One of my family’s traditions is the pickle on the Christmas tree. In the morning, whoever is the first to find the pickle ornament gets to open the first present,” added senior Madison Roche.

Junior Rachel Coleman said, “My favorite thing about the holiday season is reuniting with my huge family and going to church on Christmas Eve. Also, I love writing notes and baking cookies for Santa with my younger siblings.”

With the weather getting colder and Christmas quickly approaching, everyone is starting to get in the holiday spirit with their own traditions and families.