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WHS PTSA Sets Up Christmas Cookie Workshop, and It Was a Huge Hit with Students and Faculty

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by Madison Miller

December 21st, 2017, is when Walkersville High school PTA hosted a “Christmas Cookie Workshop” for the students and staff to enjoy. Students were invited during their flex period to Technology teacher Kim Fogle’s classroom to decorate sugar cookies and spend time with their fellow classmates. Staff and Bus drivers were invited to the school’s auditorium to enjoy a wide range of snacks. Lots of teachers attended the event and enjoyed the food and the company.  

Senior Justin Smith enjoyed the activities in Fogle’s room. “The cookie workshop was very fun and good. The cookies were great and I had a lot of fun with my friends.  I’d love to go again next year!”

“It was great! There was a full spread of awesome snacks. I had lots of fun spending time with the other teachers and enjoying what our PTA planned for us,” added English teacher Rebekah May.

Intro to Business teacher Regina Stelma also enjoyed the event very much and had nothing but good things to say about it.  “I loved it — it was awesome and so much fun.  Senora Marsh made the best cookies; hers definitely had the best decorations,” Stelma added.  

Librarian Cindy Doggett also had a lot of fun at the event, “I think our PTA is wonderful.  That was such a special thing for them to do. I loved eating the cookies and I shared them with some students in the library when I came back. We are very blessed to have our PTA.”

Not all students got to attend the event though, and they were very upset about it. Junior Emily Jenkins commented “I really wanted to go to the cookie workshop but I didn’t sign up for it in time. It seemed like a lot of fun though so I wish I had gone. I’m definitely going to try to go next year though.”  

Overall, it seemed like our students and staff enjoyed the event very much and hope to see it happen again. Our PTA is wonderful to set up an event like this for us to attend, and spend time with classmates and teachers. WHS is definitely excited for the event next year!