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American Red Cross Holds Another Successful Blood Drive at WHS

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by Rebecca Raub

The American Red Cross holds several blood drives throughout the year, both at specified donation centers, and passing through high schools. On January 12th, 2018, they came to Walkersville High School and collected donations from 7 AM to 12 PM.

Students could sign up on a sheet during all lunch shifts. The blood drive took place in the auditorium on stage, with check-ins near the main entrance. In order to donate you must be at least 16 with parental consent and weigh 110 pounds. Once given a pass to leave class, you can complete a fast pass via mobile device or computer, which saves you time at the screening session before you are able to donate.

After you check in, you are asked questions about travel, contact with people, and if you have eaten. You then must have an acceptable iron level, blood pressure, and overall body temperature. If you have made it through all of this, you will be taken to a chair/ bed where you will sit while donating. After the vein is prominent and the area is cleaned, you begin the procedure will begin, lasting about ten minutes. Donators will be given juice to drink while they donate so that they do not become dehydrated.

When all the blood is collected, you sit at an area with student volunteers who can provide snacks or more drinks. You must sit for about 10 minutes to ensure you do not pass out, then you can return to class.

Junior Blaire Shively helped at the blood drive by passing out snacks, “I volunteered to help because it is really important to help people in need of blood.”

Christen Brown from the Red Cross said one simple message: “Give blood, save lives.”

Jessica Jefferson from the Red Cross said, “People should give blood. You save three lives each time you donate blood. This helps those in need including cancer patients, shock trauma victims, and burn victims. We strongly recommend people come out and donate their blood as well as their time to help others in need.”

I luckily was able to donate blood myself, and it was quick and easy. I had no problems, but if you choose to donate in the future, be sure to have a lot of fluids throughout the next 24-48 hours. Remember to always eat breakfast before you donate.