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Black Mirror Season Four Has Even More Technology Twists In Store

by Alex Hearn

This review contains minor spoilers for Season 4 of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is a British television series created by Charlie Brooker. It originally aired on Channel 4 for seasons one and two, then switched over to Netflix for seasons three and four.

Black Mirror is an anthology show, which means it is a show you can watch in any order. Black Mirror shares a lot of similarities with The Twilight Zone. Both shows are an anthology series, both of them tell stories that happen in the future, and both usually have very dark stories and twists at the end.

Season four premiered on December 29th, 2017. It has six episodes.

The first episode is the USS Callister.

The main premise of the episode is that a woman wakes up in Star Trek like ship. This is one of the best episodes in the fourth season, so I don’t really want to go in to depth to spoil the experience, but it has good acting, excellent backgrounds, and a great premise that you are bound to enjoy. [1]

Episode two is Arkangel. When Marie’s daughter nearly goes missing, she installs a system called Arkangel in her. This lets her see anything that her daughter sees, and lets her censor anything she doesn’t want her daughter to see.

This sounds like a great premise and could of been one, but this episode isn’t. It isn’t a terrible episode by any bounds, but it’s nothing special. The story lacks detail and gets very predictable, which leads to a boring experience. [2]

Episode three is Crocodile. Shazia Akhand works for an insurance company and is trying to see if a man is lying about getting hit by an self driving pizza truck. She uses a device that can see into your memories. The other plot line in this episode revolves around Mia Nolan. This plotline is a lot more important, but to get the real impact of it I think you need to see it for yourself. Let’s just say that this episode has a lot of dark moments, which leads to a great episode. [3]

Episode four is Hang the DJ. Hang the DJ takes place inside a walled off area, where people get matched to be with each other. The dating system tells you how long the relationship will last. After that you get put on more until the system finds your perfect match. The story this episode tells is great and has a great ending. [4]

The fifth episode is Metalhead. Metalhead is unique in that it is only in black and white. Unfortunately it’s the worst episode of the season, and the only one I would recommend to skip. The episode takes place in a post apocalyptic landscape of the Scottish Moors. The people left are trying to survive the dogs, which are robots. This sounds cool, but the episode does it in the most boring way. It’s the shortest episode in the history of Black Mirror with a runtime of only 41 minutes. Even with it being the shortest it still feels like it last too long. This episode is a skip for me. [5]

The last episode is called Black Museum. This episode takes place within the Black Museum, where they show off inventions that kill or hurt people. This episode has a great ending and a pretty good overarching plot. I can’t say much without ruining the episode, but it’s intriguing.

Sophomore Jacob Gladhill said “It’s a pretty good show.”

Sophomore Eric Bain stated “It’s basically the modern day version of The Twilight Show.”

Sophomore Michael Johnston answered “It seems interesting. I might have to give Netflix a try so I can see it.¨

If I had to rate every episode in order of best to worst I would say the best three are Hang the DJ, USS Calister, Black Museum and Crocodile. The one decent episode is Crocodile. The worst episode would be Metal Head. [7]

You can watch all four seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix.