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English Teacher Diana Sung Leaving WHS For a Job Promotion with Frederick County

by Valerie Coleman

Diana Sung has been an English teacher for six years at Walkersville High School. Sadly, this is her final semester teaching at WHS due to her transition to a new job and different opportunities.

WHSLionsPride: What is your new job?

Sung: “I am the coordinator for all dual enrollment in Frederick County.”

WHSLP: When do you start?

Sung: “I will be starting officially February 1st. However, I have already started prepping and planning for upcoming tasks.”

WHSLP: Who is your replacement?”

Sung: “Mrs. Polonkey-Johnson.”

WHSLP: What will you miss the most about WHS?

Sung: “I will miss the community and the people. The staff and students at Walkersville are the most genuine and thoughtful people I have worked with in my career. This is actually the longest I have stayed in one school because I tend to get bored. However, during my first year, I recognized I loved it so much that my husband and I decided to buy a house in district here. Also, I loved the collegiality of the staff and how the students seemed so comfortable to approach their teachers and ask for the help they need. Walkersville is a very enthusiastic school and I truly enjoyed working with all the students, staff, and faculty.”

WHSLP: Are you excited for new beginnings?

Sung: “I am excited for my new job and new opportunities. I am eager to make the learning in high school more meaningful to students and their future goals.”

WHSLP: Why are you changing jobs?

Sung: “A few years ago, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my career and I have always had an interest in education leadership. In my personal life, I had just had my second child and it was a good time to consider if I should continue my teaching job or try to find a better job. I decided to start an education leadership program at McDaniel College and an internship with (the Principal) Mrs. Kibler to experience and learn more about educational leadership. Those opportunities were great learning experiences. Recently, the prior dual enrollment coordinator retired and the job became open. This is my dream job because not only do I love English, but I love science, math, [and] history. I really did not think I was going to get the job because I haven’t been an administrator, but with my education experience and love of the program I knew I could do it.”

WHSLP: What do you hope to accomplish?

Sung: “A lot of things. We have an excellent partnership with Frederick Community College. It is amazing how well the leadership at FCC has been working with the high schools because a lot of the K-12 students attend FCC or take a dual enrollment course later on. The program is different regarding each high school, but it has so many positive impacts on the students. Therefore, I want to make sure these good things keep happening. I hope my new ideas bring more opportunities for students and their learning experiences actually mean something while still in high school.”

WHSLP: Will you come back to visit?

Sung: “Of course! I live in the community and I plan on every now and then to come to a Walkersville game, theatre production, or competition. Also, my own kids will be attending WHS pretty soon as well!”

Senior Jonathan Rushbrook said, “Although I am saddened that Mrs. Sung is leaving us, I am glad she is advancing her career. She can finally achieve her passion and make an impact on the entire county, instead of only Walkersville. I wish her the best of luck in her future.”

“The English Department is losing one of the best teachers because she had the ability to connect with all her students and was an overall amazing instructor,” added senior Shelby Diehl.

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, Mrs. Sung only has one more week being a Lion. Her dedication and passion for teaching has made an impact and improved each one of her students. As she starts this new chapter in her life, Walkersville wishes her the best of luck and we all will miss her dearly.