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For Seniors, 2018 Is an Extremely Important Year

by Valerie Coleman

With the conclusion of 2017, the senior class of 2018 is beginning to prepare and plan for their futures.

Senior Olivia Blizard said, “After graduation I want to go to Salisbury University to become a nurse. My mom is a nurse and inspired me to pursue the same thing.”

“Once I graduate I am going to a four year university. My dream school is James Madison University and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I want to go to school for speech pathology,” added senior McKenzie Nugent.

Senior Kathleen Duffy said, “My goal after high school is to join the military. Since my dad was also in the military, I want to follow his footsteps and defend my country.”

Senior Ethan Parrish said, “After high school, I plan to attend a four year university to play football. After that, I plan on going to physician assistant school.”

Senior Collin Jacobs said, ¨After graduation, I plan on pursuing my career in marine biology at Salisbury University. I am excited to take this next step in my life to experience new things and meet new people.”

¨Although I am waiting to hear back from UMD, my plan as of right now is to be a Terp. I want to study and major in business and finance,” added senior Ben Moreno.

¨I plan to move really far away to go to school because I want to be independent and experience different things,¨ added senior Elisabeth Madsen.

¨After this, I am going to work with my dad and continue the family business,” added senior Tyler Gleason.

Senior Hannah Rice said, ¨After I graduate, I am going to FCC for two years and then I hope to transfer to an university for the rest of college.¨

With the school year quickly ending, seniors are approaching graduation and the start of adulthood. This was a big year for the class of 2018 and these next few months are even more essential in the preparation and planning for their futures.