Former Soldier Chelsea Manning Announces Run for US Senate Seat in Maryland

by Sanders Jett-Folk

Chelsea Manning, a former United States Army soldier who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks, has announced her run for the US Senate seat in Maryland that is currently being held by Ben Cardin. [1]

Manning, a transgender woman who was born in Oklahoma, was given a 35 year long sentence in 2013 for 21 charges related to theft, espionage and leaking classified documents. She was, however, acquitted of one charge for aiding the enemy, a charge which could have handed her a death sentence. [2]

Now former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence in 2017, and she was released from prison on May 27th of that year. She had served a sentence of over seven years at that point. [2]

Last week, Manning filed to run for Senate in Maryland. She intends to run for the Democratic nomination for the Senate election taking place this November. She will have to overcome the popularity of Ben Cardin, the incumbent Senator who is also a Democrat. [1]

If Manning were to win the Democratic nomination for Senate, she’d have to overcome her challengers in the general election. Sam Faddis, a former CIA officer, is running for the Republican nomination. [3] Arvin Vohra, the vice chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, intends to seek the Libertarian nomination for the seat. [4]

Junior Michael Thomas said “I wouldn’t vote for her. She leaked documents before, why wouldn’t she do it again? It’s a breach in security.”

Sophomore Matthew Conway said “I think she shouldn’t run. She’ll easily lose to Ben Cardin. He’s just more popular, and she’s really controversial.”

Junior Danny Morris said “She shouldn’t be running. She has a lot going against her. Lots of people don’t like her, for obvious reasons.”

Manning faces an uphill battle in her run for Senate, but she has the support of a progressive, anti-war base who supported her leaks. 2018 US Senate elections will take place on November 6th.



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