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Game of Thrones Final Season Will Not Air Until 2019

by Noah Lind

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful and popular television shows of all time and fans are ravenous for the show. The show is based off of the George R.R. Martin series, A Song of “Ice and Fire.”

The show began in 2011 and has been pumping out amazing episodes ever since. Recently it was officially announced that the final season of the show is to premiere in the year 2019, and fans aren’t sure whether to be outraged or excited.

“I’m okay with it because that just means that it’s going to be more well done and that they will take more time with all of the episodes and it will probably be more entertaining and more well done hopefully,” said junior Keith Holland.

“I think it’s dumb that they’re waiting such a long time because there’s less episodes which also doesn’t make sense because I don’t think they can finish the whole series in only six hour long episodes, when all the other seasons were ten episodes,” junior Andrew Earls stated.

If you are a fan of the show you know that the final episode of season seven ended with a very large cliffhanger so one can only wonder how the show will manage to finish out the series so quickly when the entire show built up to that moment.

Senior Alejandro Taboada said, “They left off at a huge cliffhanger, and I’m pretty sure that everyone’s gonna die in it and I am not looking forward to having to wait two whole years to see it.”

“I’m excited but also really annoyed that it’s two years from now,. North Korea could nuke us in that time so that’s not good in my opinion,” junior Christina Corchado said aggressively.

I can’t wait for the final season but I have extremely high hopes for a grand finale! If you haven’t seen the show, you have two years two catch up.

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