Hawaii Was Threatened By a Ballistic Missile – What If It Happens Here?

by Noah Lind

Early in the morning of January 13th, 2018, Hawaii received a false alarm stating that ballistic missiles were on their way and that residents must find shelter quickly. For about 38 minutes, the citizens of Hawaii frantically searched for cover until a second message was released stating that it was a false alarm and there was no threat. But what if that happened here in Walkersville?

“I would get my hands on any foods or survival tools that I could and then I would try to find a sturdy place to hide until it’s over. I’d also call my parents and tell them I love them and that I would try my best to survive the bombs,” said junior Sarah Guyton. I would agree that finding shelter and anything that may help you survive is probably your best move in this situation.

“I would try to get in my car and drive far away fast on back roads because it would probably be really packed on main roads with people trying to get away, then I would just wait for the bombs to be over from far away,” said senior Cory Jones. This would also be a good idea unless it’s packed like he stated; then you would be trapped.

“I would go home and grab my dog Scrappy and get my mom to bring my brother Cordell [and I] away from Walkersville. [I would] try to go to Frederick to those banks that have fallout shelters in them. That way they could even nuke us and I would probably survive along with my family and most importantly my dog Scrappy,” said freshman Jaizah Thompson.

Hopefully a scenario like that never happens in Walkersville and everyone is safe and sound, but in the event that it does it would be best if everyone is ready and prepared to take action, just in case it were to happen.