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January Is National Book Month, So Get a Book And Start Reading

by Nick Powers

The month of January is known as National Book Month. For those who don’t know what National Book Month is, NBM is an entire month dedicated to books and the messages or themes they plan to share with people.

It’s very important for people to identify these themes brought up by the books, and how they should be appreciated for being the works they are. It’s also important to understand the complexity behind the meaning of the book at hand.

It’s important that National Book Month is acknowledged more often. “I think getting people into liking books is more important in this time. Most of us (teenagers) are wrapped up in our devices all day, it’s important we break out a normal book every once and a while,” stated sophomore Michael Johnston.

It’s important to realize how themes or messages impact you while reading books that are classics such as Charlotte’s Web or Huckleberry Finn. The messages in these books are influencing society while sharing a narrative. National Book Month is also just a great month to go out and talk about books and stories you enjoy. “I enjoy reading in my free time. I also enjoy the stories that most books present me with. Finding out about National Book Month was great!” commented sophomore Abdullah Alzahrani.

The writing that authors produce is intended to present a story that you can invision and take a part of. The lessons learned from the books that impact society can be incredibly important to some and just happen to teach life lessons to others. These life lessons can often be seen inspiring people to take action on certain things.

Junior Fiona Huff stated, “I enjoy National Book Month. I just enjoy literature in general, it’s a great way to share your feelings and ideas with other people while also sharing a message.”

With all this information, you can see why there’s so much love for books with the relatable and seemingly real characters: to the lovely themes and messages that books present to their readers, which NBM allows people to share.

National Book Month is a great month to express your love for books and share your thoughts about the well written narratives shown in each book.