New Movies for 2018 May Star Familiar Faces

by Jaizon Jenkins

2017 consisted of a variety of movies, many of which were successful. Now audiences predict what 2018 films will have in store. I’m expecting some of the best actors to be in some of these movie in 2018. For some reason I’m guessing that there are going to be a few new actors that show up in some of these new movies this coming year.

According to senior Alexander Dorsey, “D.C. Young Fly, Fat Boy SSE and Samuel L. Jackson. D.C. Young Fly and Fat Boy SSE have been talking about being in a movie like forever. Samuel L. Jackson is amazing actor who will always find work. I’m expecting them to be in comedy and horror Comedy films. I’m hoping they have a Rush Hour 4 movie soon and still have Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker — that would be lit.”

Senior Tavian Francis said, “I am expecting Christian Bale, Lebron James and Samuel L. Jackson in movies this years. All of them are like the best actors of all time! I expect to see them in action and comedy movies. I wish Paul Walker was still alive so he could be in the new Fast and Furious movies.”

Sophomore Eric Smalley said, “I’m expecting the Wayans brothers (Marlon and Shawn) in movies this year. They are successful comedians and they make good movies every year. I hope this year there will be another Rush Hour movie.”

I’m expecting Matt Damon to be at least two more movies this year since he is already in the movie Downsizing (2017). I’m also expecting like a lot of superhero movies coming up and the same actors who play the heroes.

I have a feeling that their going to change the actors of plays some of the heroes and villains like they did with Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3 when they switch Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield and after that people didn’t like The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. I have my worries sometimes when it comes to upcoming movies because I hope that they still keep the same actors when it comes to trilogy’s and made up ones as a surprise.