New Year’s Resolutions Involve Wanting To Change Something About Yourself


by Madison Miller

“New year, new me.”  That’s something we definitely hear a lot before and after New Years. Most people have a resolution and most of the time it involves wanting to change something about themselves.

But in reality, do these resolutions really last?  Students admit that in the past their resolutions haven’t lasted but they have good expectations for their resolutions of the next year.  The students of Walkersville had a few things to say about their resolutions.  

Some students had resolutions about them wanting to open up more and be open to new people, and others had resolutions to eliminate the bad things out of their lives.  Also, some have health resolutions they would like to complete. The majority of students had a resolution that would benefit them in some way, whether it be with their health or their social life.  

Junior Chianne Downing commented, “My New Year’s resolution would definitely be to cut all the fake people out of my life. I think it’s going to last the whole year, and into the next.  This is my first resolution so I plan to stick to it.” Downing plans to take out all the bad energy, and bring in the new.

“My resolution would be to more open to new friends and go out of my comfort zone.  I’d like to be able to go out with new friends and be comfortable,”  added junior Claire Lynch.  Just like many other students, she hopes to make new friends and build the confidence it takes to go out of her comfort zone.  

Junior Vanessa Parsons hopes to become more healthy in this new year. She commented, “My new year’s resolution is to drink more water and stay healthy throughout the whole year.”  Lots of other students hope to stay healthy during the whole year, and are pretty sure that they are going to stick to their goals.  

Only 9.2% of Americans feel that they are successful in achieving their resolutions. [1] Clearly that isn’t a lot, but we hope the students and staff at Walkersville are successful in sticking to keeping their resolutions!



[1] https://www.statisticbrain.com/new-years-resolution-statistics/