Seniors – Don’t Slack Off In Your Last Semester! Use This Time To Set Goals and Grow

by Michael Tauriello

The seniors at Walkersville High are one semester away from graduating high school. They may be moving onto college and careers after, but there is still one more semester remaining.

While some believe that the final semester of high school should be used to completely sit back and relax, students are encouraged to keep stepping out of their comfort zone and succeed. A good place to start the path to achievement is setting goals. Setting goals and achieving them can be highly beneficial to your future as a senior in high school, and not challenging yourself and setting these goals can hurt your chances.

Noticeable drops in grades can make colleges reconsider, and employers turn away. Each year, hundreds of acceptances to institutes of higher education are rescinded because of poor performance during a student’s senior year. [1]

Some, like senior Jake Farinholt, are not entirely set on what they would like to achieve during their final semester. He remarked, “I’d like to focus on my grades, but I also want to be able to enjoy the time I have left in high school. All in all, the main goal is to walk across the stage on graduation day.”

Contrary to popular belief, it is acceptable to have a goal that is not directly related to academics in your senior year. As long as there is a focus on bettering oneself, whether it’d be inside or outside of the classroom, you are still avoiding the infamous “senioritis”.

Senior Susanna Chen is motivated to become a better person, saying, “I would like to take the time to relax and read the books I’ve meant to read. I would also like to start eating healthier.” Chen added, “I’ve spent the past couple years stressing myself over school, so it would be nice to take time to focus on myself.”

Senior Julia O’Connell also has a goal that puts a focus on herself and the people around her. “I would like to leave this school at peace with everyone around me, and keep all of the people who have supported me since day one.”

Some seniors are looking to continue to strive inside the classroom up until the very end. Senior Isaac Cheston said, “I would love to be able to get straight A’s.” Cheston explained, “I really think that by doing this, I’ll be able to take the knowledge I learned here and be able to have it help me and college, perhaps even beyond that!”

Senior Roshni Patel is also focused on academic achievement heading into her final semester of high school. “I am still waiting to hear from some colleges, so I hope to keep my applications strong so I can be accepted into some of the schools on the top of my list.” Patel continued by reflecting on her time at Walkersville High, commenting, “I think what makes senior year a lot tougher is the fact that you are about to take a big step in life, and it’s never clear about where you’ll go by taking that step.”

No matter where that step ends up, all seniors should have their heads held high as they round out their high school careers. The possibilities are endless!