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Students Have Mixed Feeling About Snow Days

by Audrey McClatchie

When FCPS announces a snow day, it’s often met with cheers and smiles from the students. While it seems great in the moment, snow days can come back and bite you at the end of the year.

According to policy, school’s have to run for 180 days, and even if it means cutting into summer, it is mandatory. This year especially, breaks are already shorter because of the extra two weeks of summer.

“Eventually we have to make it up in the spring when we are ready for summer,” sophomore Hally O’keefe stated.

Six snow days are built into the year, and if they are not all used, students can get out earlier. [1] When FCPS schools use more than the designated snow days, days from spring break, summer and just one day holidays are taken.

This year students have already had a snow day, but there’s little room for making them up. With so few breaks, going over the six allowed snow days would cut into summer.

“I prefer having a longer break,” freshman Olivia Kramer expressed, “With a longer vacation time, students can enjoy trips with their families and appreciate the change in weather.”

Other students disagree, saying snow days are worth it; “there’s a mental break when you don’t have stress about school,” O’keefe commented.

“Having a break from the stresses of school, spending quality time with friends, and I make money from shoveling snow,” sophomore Evan Pinetti listed as positive results of snow days.

Even more than students, teachers face last minute planning problems when snow days pop up.

“More snow days means re-arranging class time,” Kramer added. “Snow days could be stressful for teachers and how they plan, as well as those in charge of snow removal.”

“If we have too many they are added on to the end of the year,” Pinetti said, “we are wasting valuable taxpayer money, and snow can be dangerous.”

Snow days are blessings for most students, but they still come with a cost.



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