Students Use Models and Blaze Their Own Style Trails


by Jaizon Jenkins

For decades, many different styles have started to upgrade into something new and fresh. In this generation styles change constantly, this year style might not even be next year’s style!

Many artists and creators have an influence on today’s style. Senior Alexander Dorsey said, “Chris Brown and Migos has the best style.” Chris Brown and Migos are both artists and they influence the culture of fashion.

Some icons have a fashion that sometimes is just too much for people to follow. Example’s being Lady Gaga and Lil Uzi Vert. Their styles can be very gimmicky and unpractical to wear for an average person.

Many of the modern looks people use today don’t come from magazines but rather from artist’s, stars, and models. People today are constantly exposed to a media that influences what they think about style.

Senior Ornella Sankeu said, “It’s nice to see people expressing trendy fashions in different ways.” Sankeu’s favorite style is “ jeans with cardigan shoes” because they are trendy.

Trendy clothes are often simple and resemble older styles. A simple t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket is most people’s preferred method of clothing.

But some like senior Ramel Williams use “my own style, ya hear me.” Williams said your “Style is your own personal creation, you don’t  wanna be like everyone else, for real.” His inspiration was “Everybody who gave me good advice.”

A lot of times people don’t get their inspiration from billboards, models, or pop stars. Many people look within for inspiration. “ I just wear what I wanna wear, I really don’t have a favorite style; I put stuff together” said Dorsey.

The people around you, the culture you live in, and popular trends of the time have a big impact on fashion. Many styles have come and gone leaving us to wonder what’s next.