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SuperBowl 52 Pits the New England Patriots Against the Philadelphia Eagles

by Andrew Mori

Super Bowl 52 is here and it’s on Sunday, February 4th. It’s the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots. The Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to get to this game and the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots have won six Super Bowls and they’re all with Tom Brady and the Eagles have never won any.
Freshman Josiah Jones said, “[I] think the Eagles will win because the the Eagles have a better running game because they had the Pats old running back.”

Junior Carter High said, “I’m a big football fan but will probably not watch the Super Bowl knowing that the Patriots will win in a landslide. I’m not a huge Tom Brady fan since I like the Steelers. If I had to cheer on one team it would most certainly be the Eagles.”

Senior Myles Roberts said, “I feel like it’s predictable about what’s gonna happen. I feel like everything is going to go in the Patriots favor and then they’ll end up winning like always. I want the Eagles to go in and come out on top, but I just feel like that won’t happen and everyone knows it.”

Senior Noah Sadler said, “Honestly I think it’s super dumb the Patriots are in the Super Bowl again. I give it to Tom Brady, he’s the best quarterback there is but it’s annoying seeing the same team in the Super Bowl every year. I want to see a good game too. I don’t like seeing a blow out, I want the Eagles to win because Torrey Smith is on the Eagles and he’s from Maryland so he’s gonna rep.”

It looks like more people want the Eagles to win but the chances of them of winning are slim, the game is looking like the Patriots are gonna take the win and Tom Brady will have his sixth ring.