Surprise Snow Day Has WHS Students Excited

by Audrey McClatchie

Yesterday morning, many students were surprised to see snow on the ground. Even if it was just an inch, it was certainly enough for a delay. Later school was announced cancelled, shocking, but exciting for students.

The majority of students anticipated the delay, but the call for cancellation was not. “There wasn’t that much snow,” freshman Carly Waddington expressed.

Junior Noah Patrick added, “I don’t know if it was actually necessary because it melted by 9:00.”

“I didn’t think the roads were that bad. I didn’t think we were going to get a snow day, but we did so that’s cool,” freshman Madison Austin stated.

Sophomore Billy Snow admitted he was surprised, “but I was really thrilled with it anyways.”

Still, students enjoyed their spontaneous day off. “I was very happy,” Waddington added. With a whole day open students took advantage of it. “Homework,” freshman Nicholas Snyder said he spent his day doing. “I played video games with friends,” Snow added happily.  

In Maryland, weather can be unpredictable and the snow day caused many people to wonder about the winter ahead.

“I don’t expect too many snow days, but it has been really cold,” Patrick explained. Austin continued, “I think that we’re going to have a huge snowstorm and get off for a week.”

There’s definitely anticipation for the weather this winter, and the extreme cold may be hinting at extra snow.