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Taylor Swift Releases Star-Studded Music Video “End Game”

by Ashley Terry

Image Source: http://assets.capitalfm.com/2018/01/taylor-swift—end-game-music-video-1515746428.png

On Friday, January 12th, Taylor Swift released the music video for the newest single off of her album, reputation.  “End Game” features vocals from Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Future. The video contains easter eggs like her previous video “Look What You Made Me Do.” Swift first teased the video the day before it released to fans via her new app, The Swift Life.

The Swift Life launched back in early December to give Swift’s fans an exclusive look into her life and to be able to connect with her. While the app is still working out technical glitches, it is Swift’s way to communicate with her fans without having to deal with the negativity of social media.

The app is set up like the social media network, Twitter. However, Swift has joined the the emoji train by creating “Taymojis” on the app. Many celebrities have created their own versions of emojis like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. Kardashian started the trend back in 2015 by launching her own brand of “Kimojis” through an app.

To make the app fun for fans, they can collect Taymoji’s by liking others posts to complete goals so they can level up. Once fans have reached level 20, they are considered a Swiftie.

Swift can see, post, and speak to fans through a portal/page on the app. Fans can ‘Swiftsend’ posts so fans have a higher chance of being noticed by the musician. On January 10th, Swift had finally posted to her app by teasing the release of the “End Game” video.

“I wanted to let you know first, the End Game video comes out tomorrow! Gonna be posting a few pictures on here before the trailer premieres on GMA (Good Morning America) tomorrow,” Swift stated via The Swift Life.

After the release of Swift’s infamous video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” it has been impossible for the singer and director Joseph Kahn to keep any hint at a video secret. Paparazzi first spotted Swift filming a video in London before the release of her sixth studio album, reputation (November 10th, 2017).

Fans analyzed the singers outfits and locations to better understand the message her album would be sending. After the singer’s album released, fans starting pressing Kahn to spill any details about the video. He simply tweeted back, “Guys I’m filming a #FishandChipsCommercial” [1]

Back in late December of 2017, more paparazzi photos showed Swift on a yacht with rapper Future obviously filming a music video. Fans immediately realized that the next video from Swift would be “End Game.”

The video contains a series of hidden references that only her fans would understand. For example, in “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift appeared as a queen of snakes, referencing to being called a snake after her drama with rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2016. In this video, Swift wears a snakeskin shirt and plays a snake video game. She is clearly accepting the narrative that the media has given her.

During the first chorus, Swift is shown dancing on a beach with fireworks going off in the background. Fans believe that this is a reference to a song from her third studio album, Speak Now titled “Dear John.” The lyrics say, “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town.” [2]

When Ed Sheeran’s part in the song is introduced, Swift is wearing a sweater with the letter A on it. Fans also believe that this is a reference to Sheeran’s infamous song, “A-Team.” Fans believe this theory because a lyric in the chorus of “End Game” says “I wanna be your end game/ I wanna be your first string/ I wanna be your A-team.” ‘First string’ also references a lyric that Future uses in most of his songs. [2]

Towards the end, a cd player is playing track 13 surrounded by cups with snake straws. Track 13 on reputation is titled “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and Swift is dancing with her friends while drinking. A lyric in the song says, “Here’s a toast to my real friends/ They didn’t care about the he said she said.”

The video takes place in Miami, Tokyo, and London. Miami includes Future, Tokyo includes Ed Sheeran, and London is Swift. Many believe that Swift chose London because her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn lives in London.

The actual plot of the video is confusing because it’s unclear what is going on. The same thing goes on with her video for “…Ready For It?”. “End Game” consists of the singer drinking and partying with friends.

“The plot was really confusing,” said senior Parker Montour. “The song is cute and catchy, but I was totally lost on a plot. I’m really looking forward to seeing her on tour in July,” added WHS Alumni Makayla Beehm. “I haven’t seen it yet,” commented senior Maddie Ropp.

Many are wondering what song Swift will choose next for an upcoming video. Fans are torn between “I Did Something Bad” and “Don’t Blame Me.”

Swift’s video is available to watch on YouTube and iTunes. reputation is now available on all streaming services.



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