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The Holiday Blues Can Impact Everyone

by Jessica Bentley

The Christmas season has come to end and all the magic with it has left. All that was left behind was bitter cold weather and the feeling of blue that the season of giving is gone.

Everyone spends so much time getting ready for Christmas and then it is all over in a day. Sure you have the presents you got and the tree might not be down yet, but the day left as quickly as it came.

What are people to do now since the holiday is over? A favorite of many, myself included, is to spend the money you recently came into over the holiday. A little retail therapy never hurts anyone.

“After Christmas I have a lot of time on my hands, so I usually spend the gift cards I got over the holiday. Another favorite of mine is to catch up on sleep,” commented senior Keren Ott. Ott mentioned that it was different this year than in years past because her classes have all ended, so she has a lot of free time.

Senior Kaily Johnson also likes to spend the money she received in gifts, “I look forward to spending all the money I receive. I also look forward to dressing up for New Years, and [to] the year ahead.” It is good to look ahead into the new year.

There are many things to look forward to after Christmas. Even though the most wonderful time of the year has ended,that does not mean we have to let the magic we feel with it has to leave also. Look forward to what is to come in the new year!