The Magic of the Greatest Showman Film Worth Watching

by Marisa Flores


On December 20, 2017, The Greatest Showman was released in theaters. It starred Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, and many more. This film was based on the true story of P.T Barnum; the creator of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The plot of this theatrical performance are the events that P.T. Barnum and those close to him had to endure to be able to gain the success that they died with. The Greatest Showman illustrates the hard times that occurred during the creation of an iconic company.

The story behind this film showcased the outcasts of the world and the way that people really treat them. It displayed the power of kindness and proved that there is no limit to being human.

During this film P.T. Barnum struggles in his journey; going from a poverty-stricken child to a famous inventor. He deals with family issues, financial troubles, impossible goals, and the attitude that nothing can touch him.

This incredible story that showcases tragedy and the meaning of family touches everyone’s hearts and left all of the viewers in awe….. Even the critics. The Greatest Showman received a 4.5 rating out of a total 5. 90% of the movie’s viewers commented positive things regarding the film and remarked that they “liked” it. The film has also been nominated for three Golden Globe awards.

Magruder High School freshman Haley Rice quoted “It was so good! The music was my favorite part, my favorite song was the duet between Zac [Efron] and Zendaya. The story behind [the movie] was great, and Hugh Jackman was the best part.”

“The movie was good and pretty light-hearted/uplifting; except for the part where P.T. Barnum wanted to drink his life away. The songs were super good and I’ve been listening to them constantly. There’s no real main antagonist but I guess that’s okay since they were able to focus [the film] around the main character’s life. I think [The Greatest Showman] could’ve given more personality to the [people in the circus], but that’s just me. My favorite part was the beginning of the movie, when the character [P.T. Barnum] is just a small boy and he and Charity explore the house together,” added Poolesville freshman Miles Williams.

Twitter user @Carolin_Dis cited “So I just watched @GreatestShowman & I can just say that wow it’s the first time that a movie made me smile so hard & tear up at the same time. Like it was so amazing, just wanna rewatch it again & again @RealHughJackman @ZacEfron @Zendaya @kealasettle …AMAZING.” [1]

The Greatest Showman was a movie that caused its audience to feel every emotion possible. You cried, laughed, sung, and felt for the events occurring before your eyes. According to the reviews it is definitely worth watching. I highly suggest you go and see the movie. Why do you think it got so many spectacular reviews?