The Most Important Thing You Can Do Is Love Yourself

by Addie Robert

Self-love is the most important thing anyone can have. It seems like a lot of people do not love themselves or see the importance of it. In this society, we put people down for their weight, their looks, their personality, and literally everything that makes up a single person.

Almost no one understands how beautiful and amazing they really are. I think it’s really important for everyone to feel good about themselves.

         “I love that I am full of love, I love everybody. I love my spiritualness,” said technology teacher Regina Stelma.

“I love my optimism; it’s amazing. I’m easy to talk to, I’m always happy too,” junior Elijah Oliver said.

“I love my height, I love how nice I am to people. I love how I look in the mirror and on camera,” commented sophomore Blake Malone.

“I think I have a really good personality and sense of humor. I know how to cheer my friends up and I really enjoy that. I would consider myself a good person,” added senior Bryce Miller.

In today’s generation we are taught to notice our flaws and not our strengths. We teach our children this phenomenon and turn the other cheek when it causes serious issues. From the beginning we should be teaching the youth about self-love and positivity.

Social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, only speak highly of people who fit society’s standard of “perfect,” or “beautiful.” When children or teenagers get on these apps and see these kinds of posts, they start realizing that they don’t look anything like the magazines. You might not notice it, but it affects them. It affects everyone, even the models in those magazines.

We need to stop putting people down for their flaws and start being more positive towards everyone. Remember to love yourself.