Things Have Changed Dramatically From 1918 and 1968

by Addie Robert

Over the years, time has really changed. Comparing today to 100 years ago or even 50 years ago, everything is different. As time has passed, we, as humans, have developed and created new things.

100 years ago, in 1918, the United States and the world faced a lot of trauma. This is the year World War I ended. This is also the year the Mississippi banned alcohol, which later on turned into a nationwide law that was ratified in 1933. In October of 1918, the United States got hit with a Spanish flu-virus that killed about 500 million people. [1]

50 years ago, in 1968, events like Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination and the Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination occurred. Richard Nixon was elected as President of the United States and Apollo 8 orbited the moon. Weight Watchers Magazine started publishing. [2]

On September 7th 1968, The Miss America protest happened. Hundreds of feminist activists showed up on the Atlantic City Boardwalk to end the contest. [4] A little fun fact, 1968 was a leap year. [3]

“Times have changed in many ways such as people are more accepting now than they were before, like with marriages and education. They used to segregate everything,” senior Rachel Green commented.

“There’s less racism in America; society has evolved and technology has as well,”  senior Chase Tyeryar said.  

“I think times have really changed for the better. People have gotten a lot nicer and have opened up to a lot of things that would not have been okay back in the day,” junior Kylie McClung stated.

Times really have changed, but for the better or for the worse, no one really knows. Things will continue to improve as we grow smarter and wiser.



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