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Tips On How to Weather End of Semester Stress

by Rebecca Raub

The end of the second term, or first semester is quickly approaching, which means the time to get grades up is running out. As of today, we have two more school days left in the term, as it ends January 26th, this Friday. With deadlines fast approaching, stress is building in many students, especially those that may have slacked up until this point. Stress levels vary among students, but those that do struggle shared a few tips for how they end the semester on a good note.

Senior Shelby Diehl said, “I was sick for most of the semester with mono, so I am very stressed and have a lot to make up. I just try to relax and do what needs to be done, but there is no point of getting too stressed.”

Sophomore Blake Malone agreed and added, “I take a step back and listen to some music but then I get back to work. That’s usually how I deal.”

As well as students being stressed, teachers also have a lot to do, between putting last minute grades in and being asked if they can round grades.

Intro to Business teacher Regina Stelma shared, “I’ve been playing this stupid game on my phone, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, to release my stress.” Stelma added, “Students frantically turning in assignments that they should have turned in earlier in the term.”

Besides these suggestions from students and teachers, I recommend getting some fresh air and not being trapped in the house studying all day. Make sure to ask for help if you need it and if you have a borderline grade, be extra kind to your teachers in hopes that they may round it.

Good luck to everyone as the term comes to a close, and final grades for the class are put in. If you did fall behind during this semester, maybe this will be motivation to turn things in on time and get a head start on assignments.