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Too Cold For You Here? You May Want to Visit Australia

by Nick Powers

For those who don’t know, the weather in Australia differs from here in America. For example during our harsh cold winters, they have lovely, bright, and warm summers. With the weather difference being so huge, it’s important to see how weather and seasons differ in other regions of the world.

Recently in Australia the weather has been hitting as high as 102 degrees fahrenheit.[1] With the importance of the weather difference being so big it’s more of a suprise than anything that it’s not a well known fact. The way this works is due to Australia being on the opposite side of the world meaning they get more exposure to the sun during this half of the year. That increased exposure to the sun makes it so that our winter season is in fact their summer season.

One example of this giant weather difference is the recent weather here in the U.S compared to the weather of Australia with the U.S having temperatures on average of 55 degrees while Australia is having an average temperature of 86 or so degrees everyday. [2] [3]

Freshman Anthony Morfessis commented, “While I did know about the difference in the weather, I didn’t expect to find out there was such a dramatic difference between the two.”

Let’s compare the weather of New York to the weather of Melbourne. New York had an average temperature of 21 degrees fahrenheit while Melbourne had an average temperature of 73 degrees this week. [1] [4]

“With how cold it is around here I’m surprised that regions of Australia manage to reach the hundreds while we have weather down in the 30’s around here,” stated sophomore Eren Mackabee. “With the weather being so cold here I wouldn’t mind it if the weather here was the same as Australia,” commented Sophomore Brooks Burnett

With the weather here the United States being so different from the weather in Australia, it’s no wonder that we often see people going on vacation to warmer locations around the world such as Australia, Florida, the Bahamas, or Hawaii during the winter season.  



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