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Unified Sports Runs a Fundraiser To Help the Program

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by Jessica Bentley

Photo credit: Taylor Seabolt and Keren Ott

Last night, January 22nd many came out to help support WHS Unified sports with a fundraiser at Chick Fil A.

Coach William Scheetz explained what the fundraiser was for, “The fundraiser was to help with extra things that were needed beyond what is provided for the program by the school. For example, the Unified Track team took a charter bus to States last year with the money we raised fundraising.”

Senior Keren Ott commented, “The night was a success! It was really nice to do some team bonding as well as see familiar faces come out to support Walkersville High unified sports program. Also, who doesn’t like eating Chick Fil A?”

“It was very laid back and nice to enjoy a little meal with the kids and faculty that care so much,” senior Halle Wilson said.

Senior Taylor Seabolt added, “The fundraiser was a hit. A lot of people came out to support Walkersville’s Unified sports team. It was nice to see everyone smiling and genuinely enjoying the company of one another.”

“We made $226.56, I think it is good because we really did not have to work hard for it. We showed up, ate dinner, and as a result received money for the Unified sports program. Bocce is not over yet, but the team is doing great. The team won their first meet against Catoctin, and will play Tuscarora tomorrow. We want to thank all the students and staff that came out to support us,” Scheetz added.

The fundraiser seemed to go great. Thanks to all that came out, and be sure to cheer on the Unified teams. Maybe even check out the next bocce meet.