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Walkersville’s Academic Team Remains Undefeated with a Close Win Against Urbana

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Week 2 of the Frederick Academic tournament begins with a match between Urbana, Walkersville, and Tuscarora.

The match begins with the teams playing in a competitive packet round where teams select a packet of questions to answer from and buzz in to try and respond with a correct answer. Incorrect responses result in the loss of a point.

The round starts with each team buzzing in with correct answers and ends the same way. Tuscarora and Urbana both put forth a few incorrect responses and as a result fall a point behind Walkersville, giving them a small but early lead.

The scores were: Walkersville 2, Tuscarora 1, Urbana 1.

The next round was an individual school round where students answered questions out of a packet for points. Incorrect responses were not penalized.

Walkersville went first and was able to answer all six of their questions correctly. Tuscarora follows and answers all but one of their packet questions correctly.  Urbana goes next and flounders on what some would say were fairly easy questions and answers only three of their six questions correctly.

The scores were: Walkersville 8, Tuscarora 6, Urbana 4.

The next round was the competitive mixed math round where five questions were mixed into the ten question pool.   

Urbana dominated this round and gains some much needed points after the poor result of their individual school round. Their performance on the math based questions far outdid both Tuscarora and Urbana, and allowed them to get one point behind Walkersville and two points ahead of Tuscarora.

The scores were: Walkersville 9, Tuscarora 6, Urbana 8.

The next round was the much anticipated competitive Harry Potter round.This round was like any other competitive round except Harry Potter themed, as the name implies.

Urbana and Tuscarora take the initiative of this round but as it progressed Walkersville began to take control. They gain a quick five points and kill the momentum Urbana and Tuscarora were beginning to build. However, the game was in no way over, and all three teams were still in the game.

The scores were: Walkersville 14, Tuscarora 9, Urbana 10.   

The fifth and final round was a regular competitive round.

Urbana quickly begins to climb the gap between itself and Walkersville and answers most of the questions that were asked in the round. But, Tuscarora’s occasional buzzes and Walkersville’s own aggression prevents Urbana from succeeding in closing the gap and allows Walkersville to retain a close victory over Urbana and Tuscarora.

The final scores are: Walkersville 20, Tuscarora 14, Urbana 18.

It was a very close game, but Walkersville was able to obtain victory over Urbana due to their early game mistakes and Walkersville’s own buzzer aggression.

“There were no incorrect answers in the fifth round.” said coach John Van Bloem, emphasizing the competitiveness expressed by all three teams during the round.

“Urbana played extremely well, kept a lot of points out of Urbana’s pocket. We’re gonna have to figure some practice for the math round.” said Van Bloem.

Senior Jonathan Rushbrook was the MVP of the match and was very happy with his accomplishment. “It has been three years, it’s nice to get something out of it. One of the more fun nights I’ve had” he said.

“Our team was very united; a lot of people who don’t really talk during practice shined today.”  said senior Susanna Chen. “Jonathan Rushbrook played very well”  she continued.

This marks the second Walkersville victory of the tournament, and their third victory over all, and a competitive one at that. Hopefully, matches will continue to stay as interesting as this one all season long.