news - ac team match 3
WHS Academic Team Continues Its Undefeated Season with a Victory Over Middletown and Catoctin

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Middletown and Catoctin meet with the undefeated Walkersville academic team for the final tournament match of the night.

The match begins with a famous or influential toy themed competitive round. Teams buzz in to answer one point questions, incorrect responses result in the deduction of a point.

In this round, Walkersville and Catoctin competed with each other for the buzzer, resulting in Walkervilles gaining an early lead due to their high buzzer aggression. Middletown, who answered incorrectly earlier in the round was unable to give a correct response this round, and as a result dug themselves into an early hole.

The scores were: Walkersville 4, Middletown -1, Catoctin 3.

The second round played was an individual school round, where teams answered questions from a packet chosen by another school. The first to go was Middletown, who was able to answer all six of their questions right, digging themselves out of their hole and putting much needed points on the board. Catoctin went next and struggled through the beginning of their packet. Walkersville went last during this round and were able to answer all six of their questions correctly, allowing them to maintain their lead.

The scores were: Walkersville 10, Middletown 5, Catoctin 7.

The third round was the mixed math competitive round, where five math questions are mixed into the ten question pool.

Middletown was able to gain some early momentum in the round, but Walkersville and Catoctin were able to answer frequently enough stop them from running away with too many points during the round. However, Catoctin answered too many questions with incorrect responses and lost their lead over Middletown as a result. Walkersville with its very sparing responses were able to take two points during the round and hold onto their lead.

The scores were: Walkersville 12, Middletown 9, Catoctin 7.

The next round was the nights specially themed psychology round. Teams would play a normal competitive round, save that they would be answering questions that were based on psychology. Walkersville psychology teacher Paul Daly wrote these questions.

Walkersville dominates this round and was the only team able to take away any points during the round, giving them a huge advantage over the other two teams who desperately needed to score to close the gap between them and Walkersville.

The scores were: Walkersville 17, Middletown 9, Catoctin 7.

The fifth and final round was a 20 question competitive round with a wide variety of questions.

Early on Catoctin and Middletown again compete with each other for the buzzer, and again Walkersville puts up enough points to stop either team from coming close to closing the gap between them. The round continues on like this, with Walkersville occasionally incorrectly responding to a few questions. Neither Catoctin or Middletown are able to capitalize on this however, simply due to how aggressive each team was with the buzzer. As a result Walkersville is able to hold onto their lead and win the match.

The final scores are: Walkersville 18, Middletown 12, Catoctin 12.

“I was really happy I was able to come back and see a dominant victory.” said previous academic tournament moderator and WHS English teacher Thomas Kollai. “I was glad to cheer for blue and gold. I was the coach for Walkersville for five years.” said Kollai, who from experience knew that a team from Walkersville had the potential to “turn on a night like this.”

“Camaraderie, and teamwork.” is the skill that coach Darrin Drum says the Walkersville team most excels at. It’s what propels them to victory and what allows them to do so well. That and the amount of hard work the team puts in.

The MVP of the round was senior Roshni Patel. Patel stated that it was very “stressful” to be an undefeated team “because we know everyone is out for us now.”

Patel expresses a great amount of gratitude to her teammates and credits them for her success during the match.

Week three ends with Walkersville remaining undefeated, and Linganore and Urbana winning their respective matches.