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WHS Academic Team Loses First Match of Season On Last Question Answer By Frederick

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

January 26th marks the fourth week of the academic team tournament matches. This week Walkersville goes up against Frederick and Brunswick in the second match of the day.

The first round played was a competitive round. Teams buzzed in to answer questions worth one point, incorrect responses would result in the loss of a point. The game began with Walkersville gaining a three point lead over Brunswick and a five point lead over Frederick.

The scores were: Frederick 1, Walkersville 6, Brunswick 3.

The next round was an individual school round where teams answered questions from a packet for points.

The first to go was Frederick, who was able to answer all six of their questions correctly. Next was Walkersville who, for the fourth time this season answered all six of their packet questions correctly. Brunswick went last and missed only one of their packet questions.

The scores were: Frederick 7, Walkersville 12, Brunswick 10.

The third round was the mixed math competitive round where five questions would be put into the question pool.

The round begins with Brunswick gaining a point and Frederick quickly following suit. The two teams dominate the buzzer with their aggression, but a few incorrect responses from Frederick leaves them tied with Brunswick by the end of the round.  Walkersville was only able to get one point by the end of the round. The match is excruciatingly close, leaving the audience anticipating what team may win, and cheering for every hardpoint put on to the board.

The scores were: Frederick 10, Walkersville 13, Brunswick 10.

The fourth round was the specially themed classical music round. Teams would have to answer a specially themed set of questions in a competitive round.

This round, like the last sees Brunswick and Frederick competing with each other in terms of buzzer aggression. This time however, it is Brunswick who ends up losing points to incorrect responses and falls even further behind Frederick, who looms ever closer to Walkersville who was only able to gain one point during the round.

The scores were: Frederick 12, Walkersville 14, Brunswick 9.

The fifth and final round was a 20 point competitive round with mixed questions, and tensions were high.

Walkersville pulls ahead quickly, puting three consecutive points on the board, but Frederick quickly puts up a very hard fight. It’s a race to who can buzz in earlier, and Frederick quickly gets the upper hand. Brunswick buzzes in a few times in between, killing the momentum of each team vying so hard to put a point on the board. In the end, Fredericks buzzer aggression proves to be too quick for Walkersville, as they answered the last question correctly, and they win by one point, defeating the undefeated Walkersville, and pulling a roar out of the Frederick crowd.

The final scores were: Frederick 20, Walkersville 19, Brunswick 11.

“It was disheartening.” said sophomore Thomas Sniezek. “I think we played pretty well. Frederick was a little faster.” said sophomore Evan Pinetti.

The loss “stings a little bit. But it motivates us and lets us get a win.” continued Pinetti.

Coach John Van Bloem commending Frederick for their performance tonight and reflected on what caused the loss. “They beat us round one and round five.” said Van Bloem, which was what really set them up for a round five dash to victory. The turning point was the math round where Frederick buzzed in “seven times” putting them in range of Walkersville.

For coaches Darrin Drum and John Van Bloem this is the longest win streak they’ve had while coaching. Despite Walkersville’s heartbreaking loss Walkersville still holds the best record in the tournament and certainly has a good bid to continue to do well for the rest of the season. Hopefully they learn from this defeat and continue to do amazingly in this very interesting season.