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WHS Academic Team Wins Twice On Opening Night of 2018 Matches

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Walkersville traveled to Frederick High on Friday January 5th to play against Brunswick and Tuscarora in their first Academic tournament match of the year. They also went up against Catoctin for a play in round.

Walkersville took to the stage at around seven o’clock after Catoctin, Oakdale and Thomas Johnson had finished their match in which Catoctin won.

The first round they played in was a competitive round where teams buzzed in to answer questions. Each question was worth one point and any incorrect responses set a team’s score back by one point. The round’s questions were focused on literary works.

Walkersville and Brunswick battled it out for most of the beginning of the round, but Brunswick began to lag behind Walkersville, allowing them to gain a three point lead at the end of the first round. Tuscarora was unable to put any points on the board during the first round.

The scores were: Walkersville 6, Brunswick 3, Tuscarora 0.

The second round was a packet round where teams answer six questions out of a packet selected by an opposing team. Brunswick went first during this round and answered four of their six questions correctly. Walkersville went next and answered five of their six questions correctly. Tuscarora went last and was able to answer all six of their questions correctly, giving them some much needed points on the board.

The scores were: Walkersville 11, Brunswick 7, Tuscarora 6.

The third round reverted back to the competitive style of play where teams buzzed in to answer questions. This round however had many math questions mixed in, which gave all three of the teams trouble. The only team to gain any points from the round was Tuscarora who gained three points.

The scores were: Walkersville 11, Brunswick 6, Tuscarora 9.

The fourth round was another competitive round and Walkersville quickly pulled ahead. The category was bodies of water and Walkersville was able to quickly dominate the round and gain a lead over Brunswick and Tuscarora.

The scores were Walkersville 15, Brunswick 8, Tuscarora 6.

The fifth and final round was again a competitive round and it featured twenty questions. Walkersville quickly ran ahead of Brunswick and Tuscarora, who ended up losing even more points in the fifth round. The round ended with Walkersville sitting comfortably at the top with nearly double the points of Brunswick.

The final scores were: Walkersville 19, Brunswick 10, Tuscarora 5.

After the match was over Walkersville and Catoctin quickly returned to the stage to compete in a play in round.  

The single competitive round to determine who would play next week started with Catoctin quickly gaining a small lead over Walkersville and holding onto it comfortably into the middle of the round. But, Walkersville quickly closed the small two point gap between the two teams due to an incorrect response by Catoctin. From there Walkersville built a comfortable lead which Catoctin was unable to close before the round’s end, resulting in a Walkersville win.

The final score was: Walkersville 9, Brunswick 7.

At the end of the night Walkersville had managed to take home two victories and a spot in next weeks games.

“It’s so much fun to spread out all of this random knowledge.” said senior Jonathan Rushbrook, who was a very prominent player in tonight’s matches. “I think I’ve been improving. It’s great to see development” said Rusbrook. “I do [this] as a thing for fun, a thing for me to be me.” he continued.

Junior Ryan Puthumana was voted the MVP of the night and was gifted with a national geographic book. He was very pleased with the reward stating “I like these kinds of books.” The night was quite a surprise for him, as he did not expect Brunswick and Catoctin to perform in the way they did.    

“I thought Brunswick was gonna be trouble.” said Puthumana. He also stated that Catoctin “seems like a tough team now, a lot of tough players.”

“I would expect them to be good all year.” said coach John Van Bloem.

Walkersville principal Tracey Kibler was in attendance for today’s match and was very pleased with Walkersville performance during the matches.

“The one thing I’ve noticed over the past three years is there’s always a team on the prolific edge” that stays a few steps ahead of the other teams. This year, she said Walkersville was that team.

Hopefully Walkersville will hold onto this edge and continue to do well in their upcoming matches.