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WHS Fun Friday Features Therapy Dogs and Rock Painting for All Students

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by Jacob Hojnacke

With the semester coming to an end, students need a way to release the stress. Luckily the Pride Club has come to the rescue.

During all lunch periods, students are able walk to the Senior Cafeteria and lay around with some therapy dogs and paint a few rocks.

I was able to speak with a few students while they were enjoying festivities.

Sophomore Zach Crum said “I’m just going to paint my rock blue, but I’m not going to go to the dogs. I thought there would be puppies but they’re just dogs”.

Tori Piechowski said “These dogs are beyond fluffy; I could be here all day”

I also had the chance to speak with sophomore Corey Cutshall who was painting. “I’m making a blue basketball for my friend’s birthday.”

Later throughout the lunch periods more dogs continued coming. One was a black lab that was very energetic, another a small white cloud who loved attention, and small dog with a half white, half black face, which made him twice as cute.

Hopefully the Pride club can do this again, because students loved it!