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WHS Staff Wears Tie Dye To Celebrate the Birthday of English Teacher Jessica Bowers


by Addie Robert

Image Source: Facebook

Today, January 26th, teachers are wearing tie dye to celebrate English teacher Jessica Bowers’ birthday. Bowers is currently in the hospital after suffering from a head and lower spine injury in December, 2017. Bowers is known for her positive energy, willingness to help others, love of literature, and her band.

“Ms. Bowers has always had a positive attitude about everything so that was really powerful about making everyone feel comfortable and happy. What I remember about her being a teacher, she had a really tough class. They weren’t very engaged and they weren’t very nice to her. Every Friday she brought them bagels and donuts or something. She said, ‘how can I feed their minds if I don’t feed them this food?’ You’d walk by this room and for every 15 minutes of class everyday they were reading and being engaged,” commented English teacher Diana Sung.

“On a personal level I remember she loves her son so much; she talks about him all the time. She would bring in pictures of him and give them to people. She was one of those moms that she’s so proud of her kid. She had so much genuine and passionate love,” said Sung.

“I love that Ms. Bowers always has a smile on her face — she’s super positive. She’s willing to share ideas and talk about all kinds of crazy subjects, and she has a energy that is infectious. She’s a groovy lady,” said theater teacher Heather McFadden.

“She was my 11th English teacher. Having her as my 12th grade teacher was exciting because she made English fun. Sometimes she would bring in her guitar and play during class,” said senior Skylar Boyer.  

“She’s a very free spirited and open minded person,” said senior Charlie Greene.

Bowers’ family has arranged for birthday cards to be sent to her for her special day. For more information and updates on Bowers condition, visit