Why Do the Washington Wizards Beat the Tough Teams and Lose to the Easy Teams?

by Alex Hearn

The Washington Wizards have had a very mixed season. They are currently 25-19 and are fifth in a very tight playoff race, but they have had some controversy in the way they play.

The Wizards are known for recently playing down to their opponents. Against teams that have won less than half their games they are twelve and eleven. Against teams who have won more than half their games they are 12 and nine. This is a very weird thing for a team to be doing, because teams don’t usually play better against better teams and play badly against bad teams. This is worrying to me, and any other Wizards fan. Is there a solution?

The Wizard lost to the Milwaukee Bucks two times within the last five games, the first time by seven and the second time by nine. [1] Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 34 and 27 points both games. They lost their first game because of poor bench play and the inability to control the “Greek Freak.” They lost their most recent game to the Bucks because three of their starters, Gortat, Morris and especially Otto Porter Jr played poorly. Neither of them got ten rebounds assist or points, and all had over 24 minutes. [2]

The Wizards played three games in between those two. The first one was against the Jazz, a very mediocre team. The Wizards were turnover plagued, as they had over 20 turnovers. John Wall managed to get 35 points and still lose, which is never a good thing. The bench mostly played poorly, except for Kelly Oubre. The Wizards lost 107 to 104 after botching a last second three. [3]

The second of the three games was against the Orlando Magic. The Magic are a very bad team, going 12 and 31, yet the Magic was still able to keep the game close. John Wall and Bradley Beal both scored 30 points, and the bench played pretty well, with Ian Mahinmi scoring 17 points. But some of the starters, Otto Porter and Markieff Morris played poorly. The Wizards were able to get the win, 125 to 119. [4]

The third game was against the Brooklyn Nets, another bad team. The Wizards played poor defense and players like Otto Porter once again struggled with only 12 points and nine rebounds in 37 minutes. The Wizards were able to win the game 119 to 113 in overtime. [5]

The biggest problems that the Wizards have are their bench, who have trouble scoring, their defense and the biggest problem in my opinion is Otto Porter. He has struggled immensely throughout the last few games, and with the amount of playing time he gets, he should perform better.

“I hope the Wizards start performing better, if they keep losing like they do they might not make it to the playoffs” said Sophomore Greg Dellamura.

“Otto Porter needs to play better,” sophomore Connor White commented.

“I hope they are able to get to the playoffs,” said sophomore Zak Corbit.

The Wizards season isn’t even close to over, so they could rise up and become a top tier playoff team, or they could stay in their slump and disappointed once again.



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