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Winter Crafts Can Help You Warm Up and Have Fun

by Jessica Bentley

Crafts are a favorite pastime of many. It is a great way to get creative and make some cool pieces of work. Since it is the season of winter and with the weather as crazy as it is what better way to pass the time then to make some crafts. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Even though the cold weather has not brought enough snow to have snowball fights or build snowmen you can make some snow of your own to play with. Go to this link to make your own mini winter wonderland. [1]

This link teaches you different crafts to keep you warm during the winter. [2] It teaches you how to make mittens, slippers, and hand warmers to name a few crafts. These are great things to make when the winter weather has you stuck indoors.

If you are feeling cold and bored try this unique way to heat your home up. [3] All you need is some small clay flower pots, tea lights, and some bolts. You are definitely going to need to get some materials, but if you’re bored and need something to do this heater might be the thing to make.

Incase you need a new warm and cozy blanket, try making your own with this easy tutorial. [4] Once you finish the blanket you can cuddle up with some hot coco and binge watch a Netflix series.

Once you have made your cozy blanket, invest a little time in to this DIY hammock chair. [5] You can spend a day making this as a cool lounging spot for your room to sit and watch T.V.

These crafts as well as many others are a great way to beat the cold weather while stuck inside. For even more craft ideas check out websites like Pinterest. Happy crafting!



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