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Winter Weather Impacting WHS Students and Their Schedules

by Jacob Hojnacke

As the New Year begins, the East Coast is bombarded by wind and snow. The storm began around three days ago, around the Gulf of Mexico, then made its way over Florida and only a few days later it affected the eastern seaboard.

The amount snow is large in some places, but the large gusts of wind are felt everywhere. Wind speeds have been recorded to be “70 miles per hour or more” as reported by CBS news.[1]

“Wind chill warnings are in effect until Sunday morning in parts of the Northeast, where wind chill values may drop to 45 degrees below zero, which can cause frostbite to exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes.” says[2]

On January 4th, schools around Frederick County had the day off due to icy roads and high winds, and while some people spent the day warming up next to the fire, others found enjoyment outdoors. The day off gave students a chance to catch up on homework, projects and just some time to rest.

On January 5th students in the county got time to sleep in, because record low temperatures were in effect due to it being around 9 degrees but it felt like -2 degrees. The day will continue with a high of 19 degrees but a low of 6.

Walkersville was affected only mildly; however Boston is a different situation. Boston is experiencing the high winds and snow like we are, to a much higher degree of course, but flooding has been wiping through the Boston area. “Massachusetts is closing roads and evacuating some areas.” says Morgan Winsor of ABC news.[3]

On January 8th, students in the county were surprised to hear that a three hour delay went into effect during 2nd block due to freezing rain.  And today, January 9th, students reported two hours late due to the ice that was left from the storm.

This winter storm may bring record low cold and wind speeds but however temperatures are supposed to rise in the next two weeks to the high 40s along with some rain on Thursday and Friday.