Best Restaurant Choices for Valentine’s Day — a Wide Variety for Any Budget

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by Madi Etzler

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, one of the big questions running through the minds of the young couple’s is; what is the best restaurant to take your significant other on that special day? After asking many couples with various responses, the conclusion is there is no wrong answer.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show your partner that you care about them and love them. Typically on February 14th a romantic dinner is planned, maybe some flowers, and a gift or two are exchanged.

Junior Ellivia Gray said, “Miyako or BJ’s because they are really nice places and I feel like it’s a nice place to sit down, eat, and talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend.”  

Senior Jasmine Bradley agreed with Gray, “My girlfriend really like Miyako so I’m going to take her there.” Bradley added “You can get dressed up and look nice but it’s also a chill place.”

Junior Holly Haught has the sweets in mind, “BJ’s because the good desserts.”

Maybe your ideal date is not a fancy restaurant, junior Alonso Hoes said, “Pizza Hut and maybe an arcade.”

Senior Kailey Johnson said, “I like to eat at home because I can cook and we can just sit on the couch.” There is nothing wrong with staying in for the night, and you might save a buck or two.

If you are a fan of raw fish wrapped up in rice then senior Kathy Krantz has the place for you, “I want to go to Sushi Densha because I really enjoy sushi and you can get a lot of high quality food for a reasonable price.”

Fellow senior Haylie Petrosky is also a sushi fanatic and said, “Lazy Fish Sushi because we [her and her boyfriend] both love sushi and it is the best sushi place in the world.” Both are great choices!

If you want to go somewhere in between a fancy nice restaurant and a super chill place then you are on the same page as junior Riley Brown who said, “I guess somewhere more classy, but not too classy because going somewhere really nice is a lot of money.” She then added, “You should not have to go to a fancy restaurant to show your partner you care for them.

So, what is the best restaurant to take a significant other on Valentine’s Day? From Miyako to Pizza Hut, the options are endless. Pick a restaurant that is special to you and your significant other. There is no place too fancy or too relaxed for a dinner date on V-day!