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Fire and Ice In Downtown Frederick a Huge Hit with Thousands of People

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by Lea Roberts
On Saturday, February 3rd, Downtown Frederick held the annual Fire and Ice Festival. Many people flocked to Downtown Frederick with ice sculptures and fire dancers in mind.
Sophomore Brede Laug said, “[This] was the third year I had gone to [the festival], so I would say that I enjoy it. I like watching the demonstrations of how they do the ice carvings.”
The Fire and Ice Festival is a part of Downtown’s First Saturday tradition. On the first Saturday of each month, the city holds a special event that begins in the evening and lasts until night. For the past 11 years, February’s first Saturday has been the Fire and Ice Festival.
Sergeant Rebecca Corrado of the Frederick Police discussed her time patrolling the festival, “Fire in Ice is a fun event to work. Police officers enjoy interacting with the public, seeing the sculptures, and fire dancers. It’s a good change of pace from daily calls.”
Visual Arts teacher Christine Stovall added, “My favorite ice sculpture was the large, bigger than life chair on East Street. The back of the chair had a large sculpted shell. It reminded me of something you would see a mermaid sitting under the sea.”
“Ice sculpting is similar to sculpting with clay in that you visualize a form and cut it to shape. Cutting ice the artist works with chisels and torches whereas the clay artist uses mostly their hands and small ceramic tools which push or cut the clay away,” added Stovall.
The Fire and Ice Festival always brings the people of Frederick together. Individuals are always intrigued by the numerous ice sculptures, the sculptors carving the ice, and the elegant fire dancers.
Whether it is the first time people have gone, or the 11th time, the Fire and Ice Festival will always impress.