How Safe Are You On the Internet?

by Lauren Mattocks

Many people that use the internet tend to sometimes forget how safe it actually is. You are putting all of your personal information out there after all.

Freshman Adamah Jackson said, “I apply internet safety everyday because before I make an email or a new account I use fake information and never my real info. I feel very concerned about internet safety because it keeps us safe and if we let our identity out to the whole world that’s putting all of us in danger.”
Sophomore Tamia Philips added, “I [use] internet safety in my daily life especially when I use social media apps because the internet can sometimes can a very dangerous place and I want to insure that I am using it responsibly.”
Sophomore Kurt Mayfield commented, “I think internet safety is very important in today’s society because everyone uses the internet in their daily life so we want to keep them safe and out of trouble.”

Here are some tips to help avoid dangerous situations: [1]

  1. Be cautious on what you post or put on the internet
  2. Avoid putting personal information on the internet
  3. Beware of what site you might click on
  4. Don’t add random people on social media
  5. Make a different password for each profile
  6. Don’t do share or do anything unsuitable for the internet [2]
  7. Never agree to meet someone that you don’t know from the internet  
  8. Keep in mind  that there are some impersonators out who are lying about their real identity
  9. Only add your friends and family
  10. If  someone is making you uncomfortable or harming you on the internet tell your parents and save / print the evidence
  11. Never give out your real name, address, phone number  or any identifiable information
  12. Always log out  of an account
  13. Beware of online surveys
  14. Don’t use free wifi
  15. Don’t press on pop up ads
  16. If something pops up saying that you owe money or have a fine from the government or something well don’t press on it — it’s false!

Always remember the above pointers when using the internet in the future!