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Mario Kart Is Coming to Mobile Devices – Get Ready to Race!

by Jalyn Jones

Mario Kart is coming to mobile devices!

The first ever version of this game came out in 1992, developed by Nintendo. It was released in Japan and North America, and Europe the following year. [1]

In April 2008, Mario came out to the Wii. Mario Kart is a racing game and you have the option to play solo, or multiplayer with up to four people! There is also an option to play online with other people who have the same game and council. “My favorite character is Donkey Kong because it’s a monkey!” said junior Iiana Hill.

The goal to the game is to get the highest rank which would be first place with a golden trophy. Beating the starter courses you unlock lots of new characters and other worlds to play in. They also have mini games to play if you don’t prefer the racing. Mini games are also multiplayer and you compete on teams.

To get an even more realistic feel for the game they have accessories such as “steering wheels” that you put your controller in as if you are actually driving the cart. The mobile devices won’t have this accessory unfortunately that is known, but the game is still an option. The game/app currently has a release date of March 2019.

“Mario on mobile will be awesome because it will remind me of my childhood and will be fun. My favorite character is and always will be Donkey Kong,” commented senior Nathanial Sloan.

Almost one year from now everyone will be playing a very popular game right in the palm of their hands. Game details as far as worlds and what worlds will be in the game haven’t been released yet.

“I’m very excited the game is coming to mobile devices. For one I recently got an Iphone, and two, I also can play this game with my cousins which means I can spend time with them playing all day and night,” added senior Nafcahee Saimbre.

Nintendo does already have a Mario game on the app store that is like the Wii version of Mario super Mario Bros. Beating levels to save Princess Peach from Browser. On the Wii version of this game your option of characters are Mario, Luigi, as well as the yellow and blue Toad. Until the game is finally released, fans have this to occupy their need for Mario!



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