New English Teacher Elley Polonkey-Johnson Brings a Wealth of Experience to the Job

by Tori Johnson

Say hello to new English teacher Elley Polonkey-Johnson, who is also called Mrs. PJ by her students. She is the newest addition to the Walkersville High School family.

Polonkey-Johnson grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She went to the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Anthropology. Polonkey-Johnson’s very first career was being an IT project manager; she did this for 12 years, and she was the first female working in that department at the time.

She began her English career when she moved to England, with her husband of 17 years. She started off with being a stay at home writer, “Living in England was a great experience; there was not a lot of sunshine but it was [good],” she stated.

After leaving England, she then moved to Thailand. “I liked the experience but there was a lot of political issues going on which made me [concerned]” she mentioned. In Thailand, she taught creative writing. “English has always been my thing, my jam” she exclaimed.

When Polonkey-Johnson moved back home to the United States, she became a substitute teacher for two years. Polonkey-Johnson has been a teacher for seven years but it is her first year teaching at a high school and she has already grown to love the experience.

Polonkey-Johnson considers herself a people person. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with her friends and family, cooking and walking her dog, Lucy. She likes cooking vegetarian based dishes and Indian cuisines. She lives with her two kids, husband and their beautiful dog in Brunswick.

She considers balancing her personal life and work life a downfall, although, her students work really hard and participates in class. Polonkey-Johnson is very humbled by the companionship the staff and students of WHS are giving her. “Everyone has been kind and very helpful,” Polonkey-Johnson stated.

Look for Polonkey-Johnson in the halls or in the classroom!