Philadelphia Wins the Super Bowl and Have a Super Parade

by Ben Detweiler

Last Sunday, February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl of all time by defeating the New England Patriots 41-33. Philadelphia’s passionate fanbase then got to experience the Super Bowl parade in the streets of Philadelphia.

Super Bowl parades are an annual celebration that takes place after each Super Bowl. The celebrations become very rowdy, sometimes even dangerous. With Philadelphia known for being an extremely passionate sports city, this year’s celebration was certain to be a good one. One thing that every Super Bowl parade has in common though, is how touching it can be for some and how well it brings people together.

Senior William Staab attended the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl parade in 2013. He said, “Super Bowl celebrations are really unique. It is amazing how many different people could unify just because of a sports team.”

This year it is estimated that around 700,000 people attended the Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia. (1)

Philadelphia resident and parade attendee Sean Lawlor said, “The city is full of excitement, joy, pride, and eagle fever. Generations of Philadelphians have been waiting for a moment like this. People have brought photos of loved ones that have passed to the parade because they wanted them to be a part of it. There was no conflict, only celebration.”

Senior Sam Driscoll stated how much he would have enjoyed attending the Super Bowl parade for his favorite team. “As an Eagles fan, everyone wanted to go. Seeing all the videos of the celebrations and the players doing crazy things made me upset that I wasn’t there.”

Driscoll later added, “Someday I hope to attend a Super Bowl parade for the Eagles. The atmosphere in Philadelphia looked so fun and of course I want to support my Eagles.”

Senior Joseph Thompson stated, “I really want Washington to win the Super Bowl soon. I will definitely attend the parade. It would be amazing to see my hometown come together to celebrate.”
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