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Principal Kibler’s Emotional Speech Has Juniors Fired Up for the Challenges Ahead

by Noah Lind

Today during first and second period, Principal Tracey Kibler gave an emotional and powerful speech to the junior class. The response from the crowd was mixed with inspiration and a small amount of anxiety as Kibler gave her speech about life to come following high school, and the choice that the juniors have to make.

“Don’t say it’s too hard, I hate that!” Kibler exclaimed when talking about all the difficult and challenging classes that students tend to complain. Registration is open until Friday, February 9th, and you can register for your classes on Naviance. Please be sure to register as soon as possible because if it’s not in by February 9th, your classes will be chosen for you.

“Her speech honestly motivated me to do better than what I’ve been doin grade wise. I’m going to try to be a tier one student going into my senior year,” junior Sean Cao said after the speech.

“Mrs. Kibler’s speech was extremely true and it was really a wake up call to see which classes I’m going to have to take to be successful after high school,” said junior Katelyn Burdette.

Kibler’s speech was motivational and inspiring as well as being very true and a wake up for some students. She helped some students to see the wrong in their ways and she reinforced the praise for those students who are doing their absolute best. Remember to sign up for your classes before Friday, February 9th!